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This is the Bud Light Living Line.

Also known as your best chance at winning a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every time the living line rings, someone walks away with a legendary experience.

Win a once in a lifetime experience

We're talking private Steve Aoki house parties, calling a professional baseball game, or dancing onstage at Bud Light Digital Dreams. And that's just the beginning.

Capture the moment

If you're out there
bud light living, prove it.

Take a pic or video using the app to capture your moments.

The more #BudLightLiving you share to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the better your chance of winning an insane Bud Light experience.

The Bud Light Living Meter

Want to know where you stand?

Then check your Bud Light Living meter; you're either a lowly hermit or riding high on rock star status. The more Bud Light Living you do and share, the higher your level and better your chances of getting a phone call.

Countdown to epicness

Every time the Bud Light Living Line countdown hits zero, the phone rings and one lucky winner is awarded with an epic Bud Light experience.

As soon as one countdown ends, the next countdown begins immediately.

iPhone countdown